The Total Leadership Framework Course
REF: TLF2023
Last Updated: Oct 10, 2023
Language: English
Course Length: 10 hours
The Total Leadership FrameworkTM  Course is based on the comprehensive leadership framework developed by Leader Development, Inc.  

The TLF Course is designed to help you as a leader understand what kind of leadership you need to exercise at your current level.  It will also help you prepare for any future roles you aspire to.

This course is comprised of seven modules, and within each module is a series of short videos. 

A detailed Resource Guide is included for each module that can be used as a fillable PDF, or downloaded as a hard copy.

Each module gives the opportunity for group interaction, peer discussion, and personal application in Live Discussion Zoom meetings.  Live Discussions are facilitated by an LDI-trained facilitator.

Multiple practical leadership tools and supplemental content are also included in this course.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN - Benefits of this Course:
  1.     What kind of leadership your current role requires
  2.     How your leadership changes as your responsibilities increase
  3.     How to negotiate promotions without derailing
  4.     How to focus on what really matters in your leadership
  5.     How to tell if it’s a people-performance or operational-performance problem
  6.     How to develop the people you lead/your team
  7.     How to teach others this dynamic approach to leadership


This course allows you to go to any Module you choose.  

However, we recommend that you view the Introduction to the TLF Course first, as well as Modules 1 and 2 before going to other Modules. 

NOTE: To get a complete picture on leadership, you will want to watch all the Modules.

Course contents

Why Leadership Matters to Your Organization
Why Leadership Matters to You
How the Total Leadership Framework Came About

Intro to Two Basic Elements of Leadership
Competence in Leadership
Character in Leadership
Leadership Tools

Clarify the Direction
Align the Direction
Sell the Direction
Organizational Leadership Tools

Plan and Organize: Understand Systems
Measure and Problem-Solve: Dysfunctions & Bottlenecks
Operational Leadership Tools

Select & Match the Person to the Role
Explain & Clarify Effectively
Motivate & Develop Your People
People Leadership Tools

Why Character in Leadership is Crucial
The Building Blocks of Self-Awareness as a Leader
Character Leadership Tools

How to apply the TLF to Your Team
The Completeness of the TLF Helps You Continue to Grow
Quick Reference Guides for the Course
Your Next 90 Days and Beyond
Bonus Video 1: The TLF Action Planner
Bonus Video 2: A Helpful Reflection Tool